Special Event: Kamikaze Ground Crew Plays Brooklyn

Thursday, September 29th at Roulette

Co-led by Gina Leishman (reeds/piano/accordian/vocals) and Doug Wieselman (clarinet, saxes, guitar), the former pit band for the Flying Karamazov Brothers plays Roulette in Brooklyn on Thursday, September 29th. In addition to Apfelbaum (saxes/clarinet), the 33-year-old septet includes Steven Bernstein (trumpets), Art Baron (trombone), Marcus Rojas (tuba) and Kenny Wollesen (drums/percussion). The KGC's irrepressibly pan-stylistic repertoire includes Ellington, Satie, Hendrix and Stravinsky, as well as originals which promise to offer sounds previously thought unimaginable.