Karl Berger "Live at the Donaueschingen Music Festival"

Track Listing

  1. Open Time (14:40)
  2. The Smile (4:50)
  3. Collective Talks (2:47)
  4. New Moon (12:00)
  5. Zeynebim (9:05)


Terry Sines (bass); Janet Grice (bassoon); Tom Corra (cello); Michael Lytle (clarinet); Karl Berger (vibraphone, pano, leader); Peter Apfelbaum (drums, percussion, saxophone); Savia Berger (flute); Susan Veglia (French horn); Mark Ralston (oboe, English horn); Oliver Lake (alto and soprano saxophones, flute; Lee Konitz (alto saxophone); Don Davis (alto saxophone, flute, clarinet); Tom Collins (tenor and soprano saxophones); Trilok Gurtu (tabla, congas, drums); James Harvey (trombone); George Lewis (trombone); Don Cherry pocket trumpet, bamboo flute); Leroy Jenkins (violin); Ingrid Sertso (voice)

Released by

MPS Records


Recorded live at the Donaueschingen Contemporary Music Festival October 1979 in collaboration with Sudwestfunk (Southwestern German Radio and TV network) Baden-Baden and MPS Records Villingen/West Germany.