Trey Anastasio "Seis de Mayo"

Track Listing

  1. Andre The Giant (3:42)
  2. Prologue (Pebbles and Marbles) (2:40)
  3. The Inlaw Josie Wales (3:47)
  4. All Things Reconsidered (3:01)
  5. Coming To (2:50)
  6. Discern (intro) (1:50)
  7. Guyute (orchestral) (11:46)


Shelagh Abate (French horn); Trey Anastasio (conductor, guitar); Peter Apfelbaum, (soprano sax ); Fode Bangoura (djembe); Stacy Brubaker (flute); Jocelyn Crawford (French horn); John Dunlop (cello); Jonathan Fishman (drums); Mike Gordon (bass); Ann Greenawalt (oboe); Dave Grippo); (baritone sax); David Gusakov (violin); Jennifer Hartswick (trumpet); Nancy Hartswick (clarinet); Mike Hopkins (double bass); Karen Kevra (flute); Steve Klimowski (clarinet); Laura Markowitz (violin); Andy Moroz (trombone); Craig Olzenak (bass clarinet); Troy Peters (conductor); Margaret Phillips (bassoon); Jonathan Ranney (bassoon); Russell Remington (tenor sax); John Rivers (bass); Ana Ruesink (viola); Abou Sylla (balafon); Tom Toner (marimba); Peter Wilson (timpani); David Ying (cello); Janet Ying (violin); Phillip Ying (viola); Timothy Ying (violin)

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Recorded at The Barn, VT December 2000, October 2001, May 2002, October 2003; Avatar Studios, NYC, December 2003; and Bastyr, Seattle, WA December 2003/Produced by Trey Anastasio.