Barefoot "Dance of Life"

Track Listing

  1. Foolin' Around (2:16)    
  2. After Hours (5:33)    
  3. Dancing Barefoot (5:59)    
  4. Heights of Atacama (5:23)    
  5. Sometimes (4:10)    
  6. Big Ruth (4:26)    
  7. Tantric Dance (6:46)    
  8. Lullaby (4:33)    
  9. Andalucia (9:34)


Peter Apfelbaum (tenor saxophone); Brock Bradford (percussion); Breno Brown (tenor sax); Bobi Céspedes (voices); Suliman el Coyote (kanun, ney); Quique Cruz (pan flute); Isaac Epps (percussion); Clay Henry (ampeg baby bass, percussion); Josh Jones (percussion); Steve Kindler (plucked violin, Spanish guitar, synthesizer, violin); Bob Lipton (tuba); Armonado Mafufo (percussion); Suru Nei (percussion); Linda Padilla (dancer, percussion); Roger Paiz (bongos, percussion); Vicki Randall (vocals); Carlos Reyes (bass guitar, harp, Paraguayan harp); David Schiffman (percussion); Kim Stone (bass, upright bass); Scheherazade Stone (voices); Sulubika (flute); Peter Velasquez, Jr. (kalimba, percussion)

Released by

Global Pacific


Produced by Steve Kindler, Barklie Henry, Clay Henry.