Johnny Tolbert "De Thang"

Track Listing

  1. Texas Guitar Rag (5:14) 
  2. The Things I Used to Do (2:38)        
  3. Jivin' People (3:45)
  4. Bodacious Boo-D (3:40)        
  5. Summertime Rain (7:18)      
  6. De Thang (5:27)
  7. Wig Hair (4:39)      
  8. How Could They Forget (5:27)       
  9. Check Yo Batt'ry (4:12)
  10. Holiday Turkey (4:16)    
  11. Blue Skies (4:27)
  12. De Thang, Pt. 1 (4:38)


Peter Apfelbaum (saxophone); George Alexander (trumpet); Bernard Anderson (saxophone); Larry Bradford (keyboards, organ); David Burgin (harp); Faye Carol (vocals); Pete Escovedo (percussion, timbales); Bobby Forte (saxophone); Clark Gayton (trombone, trumpet); Freddie Hughes (vocals ); Adrian Isabell (percussion); Ben Jones (trumpet); Kraig Kilby (trumpet); Robbie Kwock (trumpet); John Parrish (trumpet); Johnny Talbot (guitar, harp, keyboards); George Thomson (strings); Johnny Tolbert; (composer); Jeanie Tracy (vocals); John Turk (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals); Cal Valentine (vocals); Leon Williams (saxophone); Sharon Wood (strings)


Released by

Blues Opry


Produced by Johnny Tolbert.