Todd Rundgren "Nearly Human"

Track Listing

  1. The Want of a Nail (5:14)
  2. The Waiting Game (4:16)
  3. Parallel Lines (4:22)
  4. Two Little Hitlers (3:55)
  5. Can't Stop Running (5:00)
  6. Unloved Children (4:03)
  7. Fidelity (4:39)
  8. Feel It (5:47)
  9. Hawking (6:51)
  10. I Love My Life (8:55)


Byron Allred (piano, synthesizer, synthesizer brass); Rick Anderson (bass); Peter Apfelbaum (clarinet); Mary Arnold (vocals); Keta Bill (vocals); Vernon "Ice" Black (guitar); Jim Blinn (trombone); Brent Bourgeois (Hammond organ, synthesizer, vocals); Paul Brancato (strings); Kim Cataluna, Clarence Clemons, Vince Ebo, Shirley Faulkner, Emma Jean Foster, Paul Gilbert, Michele Gray, Skyler Jett, Melisa Kary, Eric Martin,  Scott Mathews,  Kelly Moneymaker, Jenni Muldaur, Vicki Randle, Paul Scott, Cary Sheldon, Shandi Sinnamon, Bryan Thym, Jeanie Tracy (choir/chorus); Roberta Freier (strings); Nate Ginsberg (synthesizer); John Hampton (vocals); Stefan Hersh (strings); Barbara Imhoff (harp); Randy Jackson (bass); Raz Kennedy (vocals); Ralph Legnini (tambourine); Mingo Lewis (congas); Scott Moon (synthesizer); Bruce Paine (trombone); Michael Pluznick (congas, shaker); Roger Powell (synthesizer); Prairie Prince (drums, percussion); Jimmy Pugh (Hammond organ); Mike Rose (trumpet); Nathan Rubin (strings); Todd Rundgren (arranger, composer, guitar); Paul Shaghoian (trumpet); N.D. Smart II,  Bill Spooner, Annie Stocking (vocals); Bobby Strickland (flute, baritone sax , tenor sax); Kasim Sulton (bass); Larry Tagg (bass, vocals); John Tenney (strings); Michael Urbano (drums, timbales); Narada Michael Walden (choir master); Vince Welnick (accordion, composer, piano, synthesizer); Jon Wilcox (drums); Bobby Womack (vocals); Lyle Workman (guitar); Gary Yost (tambourine)

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Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA and The Plant Studios, Sausalito, CA/Produced by Todd Rundgren.